Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reform? No. I still want Revolution.

So is it accepted that health care reform should not include "undocumented" people living and working in America? Why not? I can't understand any of this mess. I thought the point was not insurance reform--what a joke--but making sure that each person in this country has access to health care services. To me that means every man, woman, child. Anything less than that is just not good enough, I say. I hate to be confronted with the selfish faces of those lucky enough to have access by private insurance or a government program, but who are not crying out for universal health care. As if it is OK to just leave a huge population to fend for themselves without health care. Without a flu shot. Without a mammogram. Without a doctor or nurse who knows their names. Without pain relief or treatment for diabetes. Without any choice but to show up in the emergency room with pneumonia or a broken wrist or an ear infection. Or to die. What's that about, if not pure selfishness?


  1. Hear hear. Let's at least acknowledge that 'agreeing' not to cover person without 'proper paperwork' is a huge political concession and one that skews the values of health care as a right and dignity issue. Additionally, emergency room medicine is the least cost effective way to manage health care, much less provide care for PEOPLE.

  2. This reader (from single-payer Canada) says amen to that!

  3. You're right dear Risa. And what about all those election promises to get affordable healthcare to everyone, a universal single payer system so all are taken care of? I'm waiting for the promise to be fulfilled. How long will it take, another 10 or 20 years? Mark

  4. I am new to your blog and grateful to have found it. You write beautifully.

    So on the off chance this is not a rhetorical question, let me at least answer what's up when I oppose our "healthcare reform."

    I oppose what is currently being offered because I've read all 2,000 pages of the bill and know it for what it is - a joke and a way for rich insurance companies to get richer.

    I oppose what is currently being offered because it doesn't address any of the many reasons why health care is so expensive in the first place. (Out of control malpractice premiums, out of control medical school costs, state restrictions on choices in insurance, etc...)

    This bill as written is a monstrosity. People talk about synergy - how 2 + 2 can sometimes equal 5. Well, the reverse is also true. Compromise too much and you end up with 2 + 2 equaling 1. Until we come up with a bill the insurance companies hate, I'll be against it.